Nicki's Road Movie Word Magnets

Want to write some poetry?
You've seen my attempts - now you can try it yourself.

To move any word within the box below, click on it and drag it with your mouse. Then build your own poems and stories, tile by tile.

If you'd like to share your road movie creations with me, e-mail them to If you're happy for me to do so, I may make them available on this site.
Want to see what others have written? - go to my Magnetic Library.

Unfortunately, you haven't got a Java-enabled browser, or you have switched off the Java capability of your browser.

That's a shame - because this magnetic poetry game would have been fun!

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The code for this page was downloaded free from The Applet Depot and written by Eric Harshbarger.

The words you may recognise from Nicki's own dreams ...

Thanks to Helen for encouraging me to create my own online magnetic poetry kit. You can find out how I did it by reading my journal for 15 December 2000.

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