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Meeting logs | taster discussions

ForumLive & Online Meeting MOO/Chat logs
A selected archive of logs of trAce online meetings and joint trAce/elo chats

trAce/ELO holds bimonthly ForumLive Chats and associated discussions

(all events were held at LinguaMOO unless otherwise stated)

The eliterature Organisation have extensive logs of all the chats, if you can't find what you want here, at http://www.eliterature.org/elo/interact.php

Using MOOs for Writing and Teaching writing
with Katherine Parrish and Dene Grigar
16th February 2003

Mapping the Transition from Page to Screen
Kate Pullinger chaired an online seminar with guests Deena Larsen, Rita Raley and Rob Wittig (trAce chatroom)
15th December 2002

Poems that Move
with Thomas Swiss and Megan Sapnar
20th October 2002

Blogging, Journalling and Literature,
with Mark Bernstein, Doug Lawson, and Adrian Miles
15th September 2002

Music and the Muse
18th August 2002

Incubation Online Chat
Collaborating online with electronic artists, writers and developers around the world
15th July 2002

M is for Nottingham?
16th June 2002

What is eliterature?
19th May 2002

ELO Symposium Gallery
21st April 2002

Join in the ELO Symposium vicariously
6th April 2002

Incubation2: the countdown begins
17th March 2002

Performing Works, with Robert Kendall, Komninos Zervos, Kurt Heintz and Rob Swigart
17th February 2002

Andrew Gallix: Sorbonne conference & 3ammagazine
20th January 2002

End of Year Talent Show
16th December 2001

frAme6: Net : Spirit
2nd December 2001

frAme6 is the 6th issue of trAce's Journal of Culture and Technology. The theme for this issue is Net : Spirit. Includes work by Talan Memmott, Deena Larsen, Randy Adams, Eryk Salvaggio, Duc Thuan and Linda Carroli

Collaborating with ELO, trAce, the fineArt forum, and ISEA
Getting electronic writers and artists together.
18th November 2001

Alt-X free ebooks, with Nile Southern and Alan Sondheim
in the WebBoard chatroom
4th November 2001

Writers and September 11th
21st October 2001

University Presses and Electronic Literature
16th September 2001

Electronic Writing around the World
19th August 2001

NEH Seminar: Literature in Transition,
with Katherine N. Hayles

5th August 2001

Interactive Drama,
with Andrew Stern and Adam Chapman

15th July 2001

Identity and the Web
1st July 2001

Web Warp & Weft and the Year of the Artist, with Helen Whitehead
17th June 2001

Getting Paid: Authors and Artists in Society
3rd June 2001

Semifinalists and Winners of the ELO Awards
20th May 2001

The trAce Online Writing School,with Helen Whitehead, Alan Sondheim, Talan Memmott and Sue Thomas
6th May 2001

Warm up for E-Poetry Festival 2001
15th April 2001

The Business End
18th March 2001

Learning to Write Online
4th March 2001

frAme5: Digital Labour, for Love or Money?
18th February 2001

Marvella says, "I like the ideas that come from the medium, some of which I mentioned in the intoduction to this issue."
mezchine libi][torpe][does the point, a general creative ][s][urging, marvella?
Marvella says, "yes"
Deena says, "How do you work with the medium to spark these ideas?"
MichelleG says, "for me, this medium is seductive because it so stridently challenges the constraints under which we've come to imagine what writing might be." /more

Held in collaboration with the Electronic Literature Organisation.

Interview and chat with Talan Memmott, winner of the Second trAce/AltX New Media Writing Competition
4th February 2001

In the trAce WebBoard chatroom
<Helen>: how long does it take you to produce a work like Lexia to Perplexia?
<Talanm>: well, I think L2P takes an application approach in its formation... It is a package... and operates within itself, theough the interaction of the user... it is an abstraction that cannot be abstracted from itself...
<Talanm> L2P took about 9 months to complete... but the work is ongoing with the advent of Netscape 6 -- as much of the code must be revisited...
<Helen> Does it come to you as a whole or do you work on the elements separately? I know that you don't see a distinction between the elements -- even the click of the mouse is part of the "reading"
<Talanm>: The formation of the work comes out of a lot of PRE:media(t)ation.... It is formed together, or things grow out of other things...  /more

Held in collaboration with the Electronic Literature Organisation.

Jumpin' at the Diner
21st January 2001

A Hypertext Jukebox of great web works In Spring 2000, Riding the Meridian featured a "Progressive Dinner Party" -- a celebration of women creating English-language literature on the WWW (curated by Carolyn Guertin and Marjorie Coverley Luesebrink).

The Last PageProgram chat
7th January 2001
with Alan Sondheimn and Talan Memmott

What are we playing for anyway?: Ergodic Theories and Practice in Digital Literature, with Espen Aarseth
17th December 2000

Educational Relevance of Hypertext Literature, with Wendy Morgan
3rd December 2000

Erotic Hypertext, with Adrienne Eisen
19th November 2000

The Impermanence Agent, with Noah Wardrip-Fruin, a.c. chapman, Brion Moss, and Duane Whitehurst
5th November 2000

Archiving Electronic Literature
22nd October 2000

Checking out Electronic Literature, with Chris Rippel
15th October 2000

The trAce Web-writers workshops
a series of online chats with writers working at the frontiers of the Web

- Alan Sondheim (see below)
- Christy Sheffield Sanford (20 Feb 2000)
- mez (Mary-Anne Breeze) (27 Feb 2000)
- Jennifer Ley (12 March 2000)
- Talan Memmott(26 March 2000)

Writers' Workshop: Chat with Alan Sondheim Sunday 6 February 2000

An interview with trAce Writer-in-Residence Alan Sondheim about his work on (and off) the Net. Part of a series of Writers' Workshop Chats with writers working on the frontiers of the Net.

<Helen_Whitehead> What brought you to the Net?
<Alan> Distribution more than anything - I'd worked with offline computers years ago, made a number of films as well as video and other pieces (including writing programs I did in Pascal) - but the Net initially offered distribution and the ability in a strange way to fine-tune the planet
<Helen_Whitehead> fine-tune the planet?
<Alan> It was a very natural progression - I had worked in short-wave at one point, and video quite often. Fine-tune in the sense that, say with unix or linux or running amuck in the tcpip programs you can speed up connections, route things, etc. - and I was and am still, fascinated the way the planet works or becomes a membrane, appears like that -

Online Party Sunday 25 July 1999
trAce members were invited to drop by the trAce meeting room at LinguaMOO to join poet and playwright Kim Morrissey in celebrating the birthday of Elizabeth Siddal, Pre-Raphaelite poet, artist, model and wife of D.G. Rossetti. After cutting the birthday cake, Kim, author of 'Clever As Paint' (a re-examination of the life of Elizabeth Siddal) led a discussion of issues around Women and Poetry. As the guests logged on one by one, they found Kim reading aloud from Siddal's work:
Kim says, "One face looks out from all his canvasses,"
Kim says, "One self-same face sits or walks or leans:"
Kim says, "We find her hidden just behind those screens,"

Discussing Hypertext
Sunday 13 June 1999
We enter the conversation at a point where Rouen isn't sure she agrees that plots are linear or have to appear linear
Marvella says, "Me neither, Rouen."
Marvella says, "That's a challenge."
Marvella says, "One thing for sure, something has to happen of a dramatic nature."
Rouen says, "but with elegant navigation, perhaps not a problem.......

Sharing a Common Language
Tuesday 15th September 1998
The log of an online event held by the Globewide Network Academy. Sue Thomas introduced the work of trAce and discussed the implications of creating an international cybercommunity of writers and readers based around the 'English' language. English speakers claim to share a common tongue, but it is used differently by Australians, Americans, Canadians and the British - not to mention those for whom it is a second or third language. Can we ever communicate effectively?

Imagining a Stone Wednesday 29th July 1998
The log of an online meeting held as part of the Lecture Series Ensemble Logic & Choragraphy curated by Teri Hoskin, Adelaide, Australia. The meeting involved a tour of a series of virtual rooms created by Sue Thomas including several responses to works by the artist Andy Goldsworthy.

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Bernard Cohen, Writer-in-Residence, led a variety of discussions now archived as follows:

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Writers and the Web a collection of postings to the trAce discussion site, February through April, 1999, lightly edited by Christy Sheffield Sanford, Virtual Writer-in-residence at the time

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