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Web Writers' Workshop
at the trAce Chat Meetings - Christy Sheffield Sanford and frAme4


Workshop Index Page | Syllabus for Christy's Web Workshop (inspiring links) | frAme4: Love in the Digital Revolution

Log of trAce Weekly Online Meeting, WebBoard Chat room
Sunday 20 Feb 2000

Session Start: Sun Feb 20 20:56:10 2000

*** Christy_Sanford has joined #trace

<mez> hey christy!

<Helen_Whitehead> Hello mez, Christy, Rachel, Margaret

<mez> and helloah 2 every1 else [how rude of me]....

<Christy_Sanford> Hi, I was at another chat!

*** Nenagh__Watson and Sue have joined #trace

<Christy_Sanford> Hi, Sue,

<Helen_Whitehead> and we are now moving to discuss frAme4, which has many of the same people in

<Christy_Sanford> Thought you weren't coming

* Sue stumbles in wrapped in her business plan

<Sue> christy - how could i miss it?

<Sue> hi everyone

*** Alan_Sondheim, Margaret_Penfold and Pauline_Masurel have joined #trace

*** Pauline_Masurel is now known as Maz

<Maz> Hi all

<mez> ooh! a mez and a maz:)

*** Elizabeth_James has joined #trace

*** Elizabeth_James is now known as elizabeth

*** Loss_Glazier has joined #trace

<Helen_Whitehead> Hello Loss, e

<Loss_Glazier> Yes indeed.

<Helen_Whitehead> Ok Christy, do you want to get us started? Tell us about frAme4: Did the Valentine's Day launch date for frAme come before the

<Christy_Sanford> I thought of February 14 first, then Valentine's Day, then Love and the Digital Revolution

<Helen_Whitehead> Did you want it to be playful?

<Christy_Sanford> No, a combination. Some play, some serious.

<Helen_Whitehead> How did you get your contributions?

<Christy_Sanford> Some I solicited, occasionally I saw a project and approached the prospective contributor. Some people saw the announcement through trAce and submitted

<Loss_Glazier> This is the Valentine's special?

<Margaret_Penfold> Does Valentine's Day have any special connotations in countries outside the UK? Here we have it as the day the birds start nesting

<Alan_Sondheim> Did you advertise outside of trAce? -

<Christy_Sanford> I put it on some lists.

<Christy_Sanford> trAce has a pretty good network

<Helen_Whitehead> Did you have to turn anybody down?

<Christy_Sanford> Yes, some people wanted to just send in a love poem.

<Christy_Sanford> frAme is a theory/cultural journal

<Christy_Sanford> it requires a bit more

<Christy_Sanford> then too, some submissions came after we were filled

<Helen_Whitehead> So we have a resource for next time ;)

<Christy_Sanford> yes

<mez> i think the end seslection is great, well represented by a range of artistic perspectiffz:)

<Sue> and the front design is -- wonderfully edible :)

<Helen_Whitehead> Did you consider the previous issues of frAme when you were planning frAme4?

<Christy_Sanford> Well, Simon has set a high standard.

<Christy_Sanford> So sure.

<Christy_Sanford> There are some repeat offenders :-)

<Loss_Glazier> I put the project on the EPC (Electronic Poetry Center) home page and so far there have been 13,000 people who had the chance to see it!

<Loss_Glazier> Electronic Poetry Center, http://epc.buffalo.edu/

<Sue> 13,000 - thats great

<Christy_Sanford> You did? Great.

* mez hangs her head right into the repeat off.fender choccie bowl;)

<Helen_Whitehead> There's quite a variety of work: how do you judge the qaulity of such different pieces?

<Christy_Sanford> Well, one thing: the quality of the writing has to be high, but also, we wanted people who were using the medium innovatively.

<Christy_Sanford> People using the conventions of the web in new ways to define love.

<Loss_Glazier> We may get even more visitors since we were just written about in USA Today, a paper with a wide circulation.

<Sue> congrats

<Helen_Whitehead> Robert Coover said the golden age of hypertext had finished: do you think we are evolving a new standard for judging web-specific work - which goes beyond hypertext?

<Alan_Sondheim> Do you think there ever was a standard? There isn't; there are standards and communities and demographics etc. - cultural and economic capitals - but the day of canonic standardization, connoissuership, is long past -

<Christy_Sanford> Yes, hypertext is evolving, thank goodness, past links and into something glorious

<Christy_Sanford> yes, Alan, I agree

<mez> alan>>i think yr right, but i think alot of ppl have a hard time with the reality of thizz, and keep trying to apply the outmoded definitions still

<Alan_Sondheim> Which definitions though? You might want to look at the Cybertext book (Cybertext, Perspectives on Ergodic Literature, Espen Aarseth, Johns Hopkins) which goes into discussions about this -

<Sue> perhaps the question is not about how to judge them but how to read them - how to be literate in them

<Alan_Sondheim> "Judging" is difficult - I have that problem with the net-art competition I'm involved with

<mez> alan>>definitions to do with wot shood be hypertextual, web-literate etc

<Christy_Sanford> Could I speak of love?

* Sue listens to christy speaking of love

<Margaret_Penfold> We'd love you to, Christy

<Christy_Sanford> The web, seems to me, has a mystique in regard to love. at once racy and forbidden and yet often commercial and remote.

<Christy_Sanford> How do you feel about this schism?

<Christy_Sanford> It spawns immediate intimacy--sometimes.

* mez draws herself in2 a wurdskin for the love discussion

<Christy_Sanford> a wurdskin is a sexy word

* Sue touches mez's wurdskin to see how it feels - rather warm and nice

* mez revelz in her skin and textual touch

<Christy_Sanford> But I felt the people with their projects, were often redefining love using the new medium.

<Christy_Sanford> Just a thought.

<Margaret_Penfold> The meaning of love, nowadays seems so narrow.

<mez> marg>> i think this narrowness is beautifulli x-panded in frAme4

<Sue> christy - can you describe some of these new definitions?

<Alan_Sondheim> sorry I missed what you first said, but how was or is love defined in the first place? doesn't this again depend on cultural context in the broadest sense? -

<Helen_Whitehead> did you try to get a variety within what you were offered Christy? Is that part of the editor/curator's job?

<Christy_Sanford> I knew you d ask me something specific, Sue :-)

<mez> such a [red]dye.chot.oh.mee love to tech 2 luv 2 tech[ne]

* Sue smiles

<Alan_Sondheim> well [red]dye hard with a vengence (sorry)...

<Christy_Sanford> Ha, ha, I cant say exactly, just that there was more to love than the love between two lovers.

<Alan_Sondheim> Saint Teresa goes on about that

*** Loki93c_Asgard has joined #trace

* mez reaches a staticwurd outwards, spiralling

<Sue> one thing i have noticed about the web and love is that...

<Sue> it accommodates 2 extremes - the most extreme sex and also the most spiritual joinings

<Christy_Sanford> And that intimacy could be explored with everything from Flash to animation to mouse overs

<Helen_Whitehead> intimacy: Michael Atavar's keyword, perhaps particularly relevant on the Web?

<Christy_Sanford> yes

<Alan_Sondheim> Sue so does Saint Teresa - I'm not trying to be flip here - I think modalities expand online, but certainly the discourse is replete - look at Barthes' writings for example

<Christy_Sanford> And that was something, too, the debunking of false intimacies.

<Christy_Sanford> mez is good at that

* mez watches her wurd releazed, bounch forth from mouth to lover'z mouth

*** Floyd_Wilde has joined #trace

<Sue> yes alan i know what you mean in fact that is a coincidnce because one of my first lambda chars had bathes 2writing as my desc

<Sue> writing is a skin etc

<Margaret_Penfold> I always thought love was defined as putting the other's interest before one's own

<mez> yeah i'm a bit of a cynic, thizz comez thru in my wurk...

<Alan_Sondheim> Margaret, not to be cynical but it's probably the reverse

<Helen_Whitehead> Is love one of the themes in your own work, Christy?

<Christy_Sanford> Ha, has been, yes. Especially triangles.

<Alan_Sondheim> do tell!

<Margaret_Penfold> Sometimes it is difficult to understand what the other's interest is when not in close physical contact.- not necessarily sexual contact

<elizabeth> Blake's The Clod and the Pebble opposes precisely those 2 positions -- Margaret is a Clod and Alan perhaps a Pebble.

<Alan_Sondheim> and sometimes Margaret it's easier for desire to be expressed over distance

<Loki93c_Asgard> 3's seem to have apeculiar fascination for humans

<Helen_Whitehead> triangles is an interesting aspect to explore on the Web... have you found it easier with the 3D element?

<Christy_Sanford> Wow, Helen, that s a great idea.

<Christy_Sanford> The idea of 3d love

<Helen_Whitehead> it's easier for desire to be faked over distance...

<Margaret_Penfold> Desire is not love - love is unselfish

<Floyd_Wilde> Definately easier.

<Helen_Whitehead> triangles, and more than triangles...

<Alan_Sondheim> Gads Margaret, to me love is incredibly selfish... but I'm a pebble or something...

<Loki93c_Asgard> neccesity/boredom/choice

<Christy_Sanford> desire versus altruism?

<mez> tri[phasil]angelle?;)

<Alan_Sondheim> Exactly , back to Rollo May, love and will

<Helen_Whitehead> lovely, mez...

<Christy_Sanford> is sex a machine reaction? I'm smiling.

<Margaret_Penfold> altruism isn't necessarily love -

<Alan_Sondheim> We'll know when we unplug...

<Helen_Whitehead> and did you only do it for the chocolate, Christy...

<Helen_Whitehead> ...which according to recent research does more for women than sex...

<Christy_Sanford> I have to admit, lighting and chocolate are great.

<Loki93c_Asgard> lol

<Sue> lighting?

<Alan_Sondheim> to see the dark chocolate?

<Christy_Sanford> yes, drama created by Photoshop.

<Sue> ah

<Christy_Sanford> Lighting does have a lot to do with drama, I think.

<Helen_Whitehead> i'll take the chocolate, Photoshop does nothing for me!

<Alan_Sondheim> Christy, look into Gimp sometime (Linux)

<Christy_Sanford> Okay

<Nenagh__Watson> Nenagh says Alice B Toklas has a wonderful hot chocolate recipe

<Loki93c_Asgard> the lighting could be a primitive memory?

<Loki93c_Asgard> from lightning lit caves etc?

<Helen_Whitehead> Did the creation of frAme4 take you long?

<Christy_Sanford> The interface took several days and the collecting, naturally, much longer.

<Margaret_Penfold> Vitamin D

<Christy_Sanford> The corrections of my own scripts and others, took some time, too.

<Alan_Sondheim> Loki, that's a really good point - it also outlines only what you want the viewer to see, there's a degree of psychoanalytical control there

<Helen_Whitehead> Yes, I wondered about that: did the contributors prepare their own pages?

<Helen_Whitehead> I couldn't get Jennifer's music to work, for example

<Loki93c_Asgard> i often feel light stirs odd emotions on a deep level

<Christy_Sanford> Yes, but for example, Michael s didnt go across platforms.

<Helen_Whitehead> that must have taken a lot of fixing!

<Loki93c_Asgard> like deja vu but different

<Christy_Sanford> A simple thing to correct but there were 57 pages and it was the middle of the night in England so I did it.

* mez watches the lokilight play, sur.face [N body] tensions, cave.ities

<Alan_Sondheim> Loki I agree, look at Beowulf or medieval theories of light -

<Alan_Sondheim> Christy you did a terrific job -

<Loki93c_Asgard> excellent Alan

<Christy_Sanford> Thanks, Alan, you had a great contribution.

<Alan_Sondheim> Thanks - a lot of that of course was Barry's

<Sue> alan your piece has moved so many people

<Christy_Sanford> We are privileged to have some of the contributors here!

<Alan_Sondheim> Thanks Sue -

<Loki93c_Asgard> looking upwards from pools at the light on the interface, dolphin memeory?

<Margaret_Penfold> Not dolphin aquatic human

<Sue> loki and mez are making me think that we dont use this chat room eneough for just improvising and recording texts

<Loki93c_Asgard> mammalian

<Alan_Sondheim> Klaus Theweleit talks about the, primates evolving from sea creatures - I don't really buy into it

<Margaret_Penfold> I do. but then I am happiest in warm seas

<Helen_Whitehead> We should try it at a later date, when Christy isn't here to question!

<Sue> christy can i ask you something?

<Christy_Sanford> Ask!

<Helen_Whitehead> we can save this text so far to start in future, light and water....

<Nenagh__Watson> Say any how with confidence.

<Sue> leading in from the discussion we just had at riding the meridian (see , do you see much different between men and women's web work?

<mez> sorry sue, thizz is 1 way i get my mozt n-rr-getic ideers, using chat sessionz az creativity spring!-boardz...

<Christy_Sanford> Yes in content, but I think women are just as tech-savvy

<Sue> -mez - get that in moos but not ususally in chats - i'm enjoying it

<Sue> content? what about style?

<mez> ;)

<Alan_Sondheim> How so in content? The women I know are actually more tech savvy

<Loki93c_Asgard> the ambience is usually different though

<Helen_Whitehead> mez you can milk us for ideas in your chat next week!

<mez> helenW>>sure;0)

<Loki93c_Asgard> but maybe only noticable 2 another writer/artist ?

<mez> i like to break down the male/female dichotomee in2 a trait based thing, more feminine/masculine approachez/cat.eegor[y]izationz...

<Sue> loki what do you mean?

<Alan_Sondheim> This is an important point - even with breaking down the dichotomy, I'd still like to hear about gender differences, if there are such in tenor, style, content, online -

<mez> alan>>sure...

<Loki93c_Asgard> subtle differences in , well, touch for want of anything better

<Christy_Sanford> Can you tell my writing is female, Alan?

<Margaret_Penfold> Perhaps you could analyse the postings in trAce

<Margaret_Penfold> Most of the posters are known by one other member at least in the flesh

<Margaret_Penfold> so could be quite a valid exercise

<Christy_Sanford> Revolving door.

<Alan_Sondheim> There's a discussion on gender on the Poetics list - ah Christy, to me your work relates to Flannery O'Conner - does that make any sense - and a kind of Southern aesthetic that I found when I lived in Atlanta -

<elizabeth> Sue to me the chat is like an empty room but the moo, there is stuff around, it's warmer to write there (I think)

<Sue> e - i agree - e !

<mez> when i phirzt started on chatlinez 5 or sew yrz agao, i constantlee got taken as a male...

<Christy_Sanford> Magnolia blossoms

<Alan_Sondheim> and I'm not sure that men would work through the kinds of unfoldings you use (which I love)

<Christy_Sanford> I would never take you for a male, mez!

<Alan_Sondheim> Yes, or a kind of fluidity that reminds me of Irigaray, Anais Nin even

<Loki93c_Asgard> netizens can be genderless beyond the here & hard familiarities

<Sue> i would take mez for male - or at least ambiguous

<Helen_Whitehead> i always thought mez was female

* Sue welcomes the mez spivak

<Christy_Sanford> Well, hopefully we all have male and female attributes.

<mez> christy>>itz strange, i think that waz more 2 do with the fact that very few userz where female, alzo that i was [preddy] azz-surtive

<Alan_Sondheim> Yes, but they can also explore gender, their own or others', or genders, or any variety; we've got alot of culture to work through

<Helen_Whitehead> Christy, you say you find the technology a great inspiration: do you think it's necessary for web writers to be always experimenting with the technology, in order to produce something new?

<Christy_Sanford> Yes, Helen, I do.

<Alan_Sondheim> Not only male and female, but imaginaries of other genders, resonances, reflections, that appear online

*** Reiner_Strasser has joined #trace

<Loki93c_Asgard> my character in part2 of my stuff is trans-sexual, part3 will be female

<Sue> what is pt 1?

<Loki93c_Asgard> i wanted the character to alter

* mez spivaks, rolls, twists and genderloopz..n loopz..and loveloopz...

<Loki93c_Asgard> pt1 is male

<Loki93c_Asgard> its back to threes again...lol

<Sue> that is tidy!

<Christy_Sanford> It is fun to write from a male point of view, I admit.

<Alan_Sondheim> use to think that was Gayatri, but it's Michael...

<Sue> i dont know what a male / female pov is

<Helen_Whitehead> Triangles -- threes -- have always been important in storytelling -- like in the folk and fairy tales

<mez> sue>>yeah, hard 2 do:)

* Alan_Sondheim thinks if Alan didn't exist Sue would have to create him ...

<Sue> i did, alan, sweetie :)

<Loki93c_Asgard> yep, & the T/S is the mid-link

<Loki93c_Asgard> from anima to animus

<Alan_Sondheim> I'd rather just anims...

<mez> oooh 3's texttrip.tichez are my lure and bait...

<Alan_Sondheim> and thanks Sue!

<Christy_Sanford> Sue, I think you are a woman with often very feminine qualities IRL and on the page.

<Sue> my pleasure, alan

<Christy_Sanford> Happy, I am

* mez feelz her wurdskin shimmah, gossmer textthreads spinning, spivaking in2 dust...

<Sue> christy but the question is - none of that is deliberate - yet when we talk about writing as the opposite sex - that becomes deliberate

<Sue> whereas really we are just writing as us

<Sue> does that make sense?

<mez> sorry guys gotta go meet real life responsibilitiez unfortunately...

<Sue> i'm sad to hear that mez

<Alan_Sondheim> not necessarily, Sue, unless that is already a "character" - bye Mez

<Christy_Sanford> Yes, but when you assume a role, you go on automatic pilot.

<elizabeth> Love your angels mez

<Helen_Whitehead> thanks for coming

*** mez has left #trace

<elizabeth> Sue what you said is interesting...

<elizabeth> 'writing as' ... presumably you would have to get so far in character as to forget it wasn't 'you' to be truly writing in the other pov?

<Alan_Sondheim> or e, you just begin that way, it just flows naturally

<Margaret_Penfold> Mostly you do forget it isn't you with every character, don't you?

<Sue> i havent often written 'as a man' but when i do, i just think about how i would feel

<Christy_Sanford> With no particular man in your imagination?

<Floyd_Wilde> This reload thing is'nt working for me

<elizabeth> Not sure Alan. I read transcriptions of people role playing, or playing games, whatever, they soudn like they are 'acting'.

*** Floyd_Wilde has quit IRC (QUIT: )

<Sue> no, i never imagine a particuylar man - only the man i am writing

<Sue> the character

<Christy_Sanford> yes

<Alan_Sondheim> e, that might be a more self-conscious decision; when I write Nikuko, I feel she is writing me - it really isn't as-if

<Sue> good point alan

<elizabeth> Guess it depends on the writer. It has happened to me about twice in my life, to be possessed by another (male)voice

<Helen_Whitehead> why is she a Russian ballet dancer, with a Japanese name? (sorry, I should have asked that last week!)

<Maz> I think there is a difference, e, between 'being' or performing a character and writing one

<elizabeth> (I mean in writing not literally)

<Sue> can ppl say more about being possessed by their characters?

<Margaret_Penfold> Maz, I don't feel the difference

<Alan_Sondheim> Helen, she began as a snack-bar girl in Fukuoka, became a demiurge, and dancing as such is important in Japanese creation mythology, moved from there into ballerina on one hand, parable o the other

<Loki93c_Asgard> they can become stage-skins to wear

<Helen_Whitehead> I have always had trouble "getting into" character: I try all sorts of exercises to create a character who isn't wooden, who isn't just some boring part of me

<Sue> stage-skins? nice word

<Nenagh__Watson> when I was creating the character of Dr, Frankinstein - i recreated elements of my dad, and they got kind of mixed up with me - so I ended up with a live spivik!

<Sue> what about the exciting parts of you helen?

<elizabeth> To me it could only be through voice.

<Helen_Whitehead> sue, they don't seem to come out <sadly>

<Sue> nenagh that's fasicinatng and scarey

<Christy_Sanford> Do you close your eyes when you write?

elizabeth laughs!

<Helen_Whitehead> Christy, how would you see what you were writing?

<Sue> christy! i couldnt see the page if i did!!!

<Nenagh__Watson> say - yesssss i like the idea of stage skins!

* Sue laughs herself silly

<Alan_Sondheim> why would you want to see what you write?

<Christy_Sanford> I type with my eyes closed

<Loki93c_Asgard> like alice cooper, ziggy et al

<Christy_Sanford> Can t you do that?

<Loki93c_Asgard> immersive rpg's

<Sue> you must be a touch typist

<Helen_Whitehead> are you a proper typist Christy? I would end up with rubbish if I did that!

<elizabeth> Allen B put something on the board pre-spellcheck...

<Christy_Sanford> Ha, I didn t know I had a special talent.

<Alan_Sondheim> Alice Cooper types with his eyes closed?

<Sue> oh oh here is a story

<Sue> i once heard a concert pianist talk on the radio...

<Christy_Sanford> I don't always

<Sue> he was very disabled as a child

<Margaret_Penfold> When I write masculine my whole body feels masculine. I often bump into things when coming out of the session

<Helen_Whitehead> OK I'm trying to tytpe with my eyes shit

<Helen_Whitehead> hahah

* Maz laughs

<Christy_Sanford> That was almost perfect.

<Alan_Sondheim> ljksdflihth sllk et!! (typed with my eyes open!)

<Sue> he would prop up a novel on his music stand, read for hours, and play while he read - played to the novel as it were

<Helen_Whitehead> better than I expected!

<Sue> that really stayed with me, that image

<Loki93c_Asgard> not enough websites speak y'know, leaves out a lot of folks

<Maz> just physically impossible Helen

<Christy_Sanford> more and more sites have voice, like with real audio

<Christy_Sanford> Do you like that?

<Alan_Sondheim> Loki, there are attempts to make them accessible by speaking software, but things like image maps really don't work

<Christy_Sanford> We could have soap operas anyday

<Loki93c_Asgard> in many ways we are blind & deaf & mute, weird, true Alan

<Sue> margaret - why do you bump into things when you are a man?

<Maz> I worry that audio and visuals will 'do for' the written word on the web eventually.....not entirely but mainly

<elizabeth> Margaret, do you bump into things after any really concentrated writing session?

<Alan_Sondheim> Yes, but there are people who really _are_ and they are left out a lot -

<elizabeth> Me too Mazzy, completely.

<Sue> alan i agree

<Nenagh__Watson> is that a bump or are you just pleased to see me?

<Christy_Sanford> Reiner, this is your second chat session today, how are you?

<Margaret_Penfold> Because it takes a while for me to come to terms with my protruding bits]

<Loki93c_Asgard> maybe they could implant retinal micscreens, get 'em online?

* Sue tee hees at nenagh

<Christy_Sanford> Ah, the penis bumbs into a table.

<elizabeth> Was anyone else unable to get into defib url tonight btw?

<Christy_Sanford> bumps

<Reiner_Strasser> tsss ... i amlurking .... does anyone speak german ? :))

<Sue> margaret, it's only pretend you know

<Alan_Sondheim> Yeah, men can't walk anywhere without getting smashed!

<Sue> i got into defib

<Christy_Sanford> ein

<Alan_Sondheim> bisschen

<Reiner_Strasser> :)

<Helen_Whitehead> it's not that men are clumsy, just that Margaret would have thought herself into a different shape from the real one

<Sue> ok you can all speak german but i have to get back underneath my business plan

<Christy_Sanford> I went to defib, no problem.

<Sue> so i will leave you to it

<Alan_Sondheim> Adrian Piper talked a lot about that in her work when she was performing as a man

<Christy_Sanford> Win money!

<Sue> thanks christy for an ailluminating interview and thanks helen

<Alan_Sondheim> Take care Sue -

<Helen_Whitehead> Well, can I announce that mez will be back next week possibly even talking about her Angelz in frAme4

<elizabeth> Bye Sue

<Alan_Sondheim> Excellent!

<Helen_Whitehead> Any more questions for Christy as we are wrapping up?

<Christy_Sanford> I saw her perform as a woman, Alan, what was the man thing about?

<Alan_Sondheim> Years ago, performances she did and presented as ads in the Village Voice

*** Sue has left #trace

<Helen_Whitehead> I have a few more comments from Christy which i will add to the page with the log.

<Christy_Sanford> Soon we will have sound, the revolution will provide.

<Loki93c_Asgard> who inspires you Christy?

* Helen_Whitehead listens

<Christy_Sanford> tech, Reiner

<Christy_Sanford> love, light

<Christy_Sanford> color, longing

<Christy_Sanford> who? Greenaway, Jane C.

<Christy_Sanford> Marguerite Duras, Madame de Lafayette

<Christy_Sanford> Stein,

<Alan_Sondheim> Duras definitely appears

<Christy_Sanford> Tennessee Williams, how about you?

<Maz> Sorry must go but many thanks Christy Helen for the talk

*** Maz has left #trace

<Margaret_Penfold> Bye, Maz

<Alan_Sondheim> I've got to go myself, too much to do online at the moment...

<Christy_Sanford> How about everyone else, who could you write a love poem to?

<Loki93c_Asgard> ray bradbury & hunter thompson Christy,

<Margaret_Penfold> I must go too. I will post some photos I have taken some of you may see as relevant to this chat

<Christy_Sanford> Science fiction and the tough guy

<Alan_Sondheim> Take care everyone - Christy please let us know when you have other projects - send announcements to me and I'll send them to the lists -

<Helen_Whitehead> many thanks Christy!

*** Margaret_Penfold has left #trace

<Alan_Sondheim> And thanks, bye everyone -

*** Alan_Sondheim has quit IRC (QUIT:)

<Christy_Sanford> RS, do you have Valentine s Day in Germany?

<elizabeth> Bye Christy -- still sorry I didn't make it into your frAme! but it's alovely issue -- bye everyone.

<Christy_Sanford> Bye, Elizabeth.

<Reiner_Strasser> no not really - only like - mac donalds :)

<Christy_Sanford> Thanks, E

*** elizabeth has quit IRC (QUIT:)

<Loki93c_Asgard> i'd like to be in the next frAme Christy

*** Loss_Glazier has left #trace

<Christy_Sanford> Reiner, I read that Germany is changing their policy about the web?

<Christy_Sanford> that it will be cheaper

<Christy_Sanford> to connect

<Christy_Sanford> is this true?

<Reiner_Strasser> ???

<Reiner_Strasser> the phone costs are high enough

<Christy_Sanford> They are going to go down, I think.

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<TraceLog> Thank you lots, Christy, we'll be in touch and see you soon!

Session Close: Sun Feb 20 22:05:26 2000

We hope you enjoyed this conversation and would like to join in.
trAce is live online every Sunday, and you are warmly invited to come along to the next meeting.

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