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at the trAce Chat Meetings - mez


Workshop Index Page | frAme4: Love in the Digital Revolution | Questions and Answers

Guidelines To Mezangelling

  • Be prepared to play and swim within/without wurds, n-joy finding their breakage points, revel N there innate divisionz and fractures in2 other words n meanings.
  • Use computer/mathematical conventions liberally and subversively [indicate fracture or mangle points with a dot, wurds like <for> and <too> mangle in2 the numeric <4> or <2>. Use network elements in your discourse such as emoticons <;)> condensing words <r u there?> etc.]
  • Learn to love the square bracket, humor, and confusion. Use the square bracket to indicate a jump into another meaning mode/ whether that be through implicating a gender discrepancy; indicating an additional sense state/loading, or just playing around with letters <lettah[!]s>.
  • Condense letters into their phonetic counterparts - <in> or <and> becomes <N>, <are> becomes <r>, <u> = <you> or <ewe>. Use these liberally within words; <express> becomes <x-press>, <issues> becomes <s-sues>, etc.
  • Switch/encourage double/triple meanings through common associations and phrases; <manifest> becomes <[wo]manifest>; <other> becomes <ot.her[e N there]> through a link via other meaning and allusions <out-her-here-and-there>.
Above all, develop yr own conventions. It'll sound more natural coming from your own imagination/fiction filters.

Log of trAce Weekly Online Meeting, WebBoard Chat room
Sunday 27 Feb 2000

Session Start: Sun Feb 27 20:50:51 2000

*** Loki93c_, Helen_Whitehead, mez has joined #trace

<Loki93c_> good evening Helen

<mez> ello all!:)

<Loki93c_> good evening All

<Helen_Whitehead> Good evening Loki, mez!

* mez does a txtdance round the tabelle;)

<mez> how u doing helen? loki?

*** Sue has joined #trace

<Sue> Hi everyone!

<mez> loki>>mi aim for this chat is to get ideers and textlinez flying...so go crazee with the action linez if u like:)

*** Alan_Sondheim has joined #trace

<Loki93c_> hi Sue

<Sue> welcome mez - there's quite a crowd waiting to talk with you

<Alan_Sondheim> Hi everyone -

<mez> heya sue!! <mez> hey alan:)

<Loki93c_> alan....:-))

<Sue> hi alan

<Alan_Sondheim> Hi -

<Alan_Sondheim> Mez, I gotta question - could I ask it early -

<mez> sure alan, go 4 it....

<Alan_Sondheim> How do you relate your abbreviated writing / etc/ style to say integer/m9ndfukc and hackers stuff on IRC (warez channels etc.) -

*** Reiner_Strasser has joined #trace

<mez> het reiner:)

<Sue> -alan can she answer that when we have started?

<reiner> hellooooo

<Alan_Sondheim> Jawohl

<Sue> hi reiner

<mez> ooh k alan i'll wait till we're all here, then can u ask that qz again [itz a good 1;)]

<reiner> :) - hi alan

<Alan_Sondheim> Hi Reiner

*** Margaret_Penfold has joined #trace

<Sue> hi margaret

<mez> hey marg:)

<Loki93c_> Hi

<mez> ;)

<Loki93c_> 1 of 8

<Sue> helen once did pictures of all of us as the borg

<Helen_Whitehead> yes i must recycle that one..

<Sue> where did those pics go helen? they were hilariuous

<mez> sue>>yeah? musta been cool....wood luv 2 c it...

<Sue> margaret thats the week i get back - dont forget to tell us

<Helen_Whitehead> http://ds.dial.pipex.com/h.whitehead/trace.htm

<Sue> helen i know nenagh and rachael are planning to join us

<mez> helen>>will we weightte a l'tle yet b4 startin the chat in earn.est?

<Helen_Whitehead> let's c Eff any1 ells arrives

*** Nenagh__Watson has joined #trace

<Sue> oh look at that url! its a hoot!

<mez> wow helen gets primary prize 1 for her mezangelled ah-temptz sew far:)

<Alan_Sondheim> As the size of participants grows, so do the number of hellos, we could make a formula out of this probably n(n-1) - Alan - that would be reciprocated, times 2

<Sue> helen can i post that url at webboard? its a killer

<Alan_Sondheim> 112...

<Helen_Whitehead> feel free Sue!

<mez> ehehheheheehheh great url....;)

*** Rachael__Field has joined #trace

<Helen_Whitehead> hi Rachael

* mez teztflippes and frizzonflies...makez the weighting thyme go quikah:)

<Helen_Whitehead> look{I,eye}ing Fore.ward 2 chat{bell}ting

<Loki93c_> lol

<mez> ;)

<Rachael__Field> :>)

<Alan_Sondheim> 180

<reiner> 404

<mez> flip 180 degreez alan?;)

<Alan_Sondheim> no, 10*9*2

<reiner> 360

<Helen_Whitehead> OK, shall we start? Would you like to ask yr question again Alan?

<mez> reiner phoar oh! fore

<Sue> helen can we do a country check?

<Alan_Sondheim> Everyone says hello and everyone reciprocates

<Loki93c_> E=Mc2 x Hello n{n-1]

<Loki93c_> or summthing

<Helen_Whitehead> okay, everyone say where they are....(country)

<Sue> thank you Helen - UK

<reiner> D

<Rachael__Field> England

<Helen_Whitehead> UK

<mez> juzt b4 we start....

<Helen_Whitehead> sorry - mez?

*** Miekal_And has joined #trace

<mez> i juzt wanna n-courage a phew thingz thru the chat session

<mez> the first being the use of action phrazes

<mez> hey miekal!!

<reiner> europe

<mez> i mean if any1 wants to use an action to x-press themselves, type "/me" without the quote symbols

*** R_Adams, Karen_Wheatley has joined #trace

<Sue> ok mez

* Helen_Whitehead nods at mez

<Alan_Sondheim> The question is this - Mez, how do you relate your writing style to, say, m9ndfukc (integer), as well as hacking lingo on IRC (warez channels, etc.) - how is your style different? for example. With integer, not only the politics, but the style can be so difficult to read that if I'm skimming I tend to skip over it. -

* reiner likes that

<mez> x-cellent, i'm sure u'll all geddit as the chat goes on...also, if ppl don't respond 2 yr actionz, keep trying.

* Margaret_Penfold jumps

<mez> ok, on wiff the chat!

<Helen_Whitehead> as Alan said...

<reiner> long time before

<mez> alan>>i think my styelle relatez to the n-teger type style in it's play on codes n conventions, and a hacka s-sethic, though the primary use of strict rulez is different, and politically not so stratified...

<Alan_Sondheim> - I see - there are also less integers/symbols in your style it seems?

<Helen_Whitehead> Does it take ppl long{short.wide} to l-earn your st-isle

<Alan_Sondheim> Did it develop online?

<mez> ooh yeah, another thing, use fruedian typosh thru the chat..if some1 makes a mezstake, tri and develop it in2 a theme, new wurd etc...

* Loki93c_ interested

<Alan_Sondheim> And for that matter can your style - or any other - be learned by someone else? Would we all want to write in the Joyce of Finnigans Wake?

<Helen_Whitehead> there's an intro to how to do this mezangelling at webboard

<mez> alan>>i've used moore orw lezz symbolz, though it seems to res.strict my flow if i B.cum 2 deep.endant on them...

<Alan_Sondheim> Did you develop this online, after being on line, or were you heading in this direction before? Could you say something about your background?

* reiner i have to speak it in my head to understand

<Nenagh__Watson> Mez your words are like music

<Sue> reiner - since it is your second language it must be even harder

<Helen_Whitehead> it {rich}seams to B a lateral thinking type of lingo-language

* Loki93c_ just writes whats in his head......lol

<mez> helen>>doezzn't take long 2 learn, the style can b bro.ke[e]n down in2 componentz, n alan i don't think i want ppl to m-ulate mi style in and ov itzelf but find their own ee-quivahlent, thru x-perimentation etc

* Helen_Whitehead claps

* mez thinks loki is very much on the rite plane, trac[t]k, vein...

<Loki93c_> good 2 share a genre though

<Rachael__Field> `u`

<Sue> mez, i just wish we could hear you say it

<Karen_Wheatley> :agrees with Sue

* reiner thinks loki is a god - with a hammer

<Helen_Whitehead> let's get back{ground} to the start[beginning.end] what is your creative background before the Net?

<mez> nenagh>>thanx 4 the music comparison, nice aN ape.propriate methinks...alan>> my background?>>

<mez> ?] when asked this i always zeem to wonder which bac[k!].ground shood i trot out, which version ov miself i'll end up purr.pet.u.ating thru teXt...

<Alan_Sondheim> Mez how did you develop this? And what is your earlier background - yes, writing, etc.?

<reiner> reiner knows that mez can draw and paint

<mez> anywaze, i have a multithreaded cre[che]ative pazt, 1 replete with strainz ov twinedterror N purse.ceived angst....

<mez> i have alwaze x-pressivelee fed ov my e-mo[ve.mensez]tionz & knowledge basez, and have n-couraged the development of theze thru xperiental choicez; ...

* Loki93c_ sits up

<mez> i have academically ratified paperz, in Applied Social Science & Creative Arts - theze have been n-teresting, but onlee fuel my creativitee in miniscule...[i think?]....

* mez handz loki a funnelle juzt for the hell ov it:)

*** ircleuser has joined #trace

<Loki93c_> :-)0

<mez> my reel motivation & bacground is absorption of information, both sensualli and concretelee, and play [x-pressive play and x-pe[t]ri[dish]mentation] is crucial as well....

<mez> heya ircuser:)

<Alan_Sondheim> say more about petri dish?

<mez> a bendin of the s-tablished, the known, 2 create [ore ah-tempt 2 pro.duce] something other is wot i'm all about:)

<Sue> when you speak it, do you speak it as written, or do you never speak it>?

<mez> sue>>i've neva ahtemptted 2 use mezangelle out loud, mebbe i shood!

*** ircleuser is now known as mIEKAL

<Sue> if we meet, i insist you do!

<Alan_Sondheim> have you tried to give a text to the Mac to read? I did a poetry reading that way once

<Sue> well, when we meet - in the summer if not next month

<Sue> yes, give it to a text reader

<Sue> i suspect it would sound excellent in a text reader

<Margaret_Penfold> Is it a game that has taken over your life or do you only use the system online

<mez> marg>>i don't view it as ah game strictlee, butt N other waze i do....play is crucial 2 its 4ewelation...

<Loki93c_> would be interesting set 2 music/koans????

<mez> loki>>for shore, u wanna try it?[seriouslee]

<Loki93c_> yeah/absolutely

<Nenagh__Watson> It reminds me of Dada sound poems - these were spoken live -

<Margaret_Penfold> Play as in what children do which is important to understanding new concepts

* mez thinks she'll bcome schiz-oid if she triez to mezangelle out loud;)

* reiner thinks of two speakers

<Loki93c_> dub it over modem singing

<mez> aan>>yuppe done the reader thang, and the soundz pro.duced are really very weird and boot.ifull @ the same thyme...

<Sue> mez, when you come to incubation maybe we could arrange a mez jamming session

<mez> sue>>y knott?

* mez texttappz reiner on the head wiff a speak.her ore 2;)

<Sue> mez, do you handwrite it as well as type it?

<mez> sue>>nope, [g]no handwriting ov it as yet[i]....

<Helen_Whitehead> you see it as part of a multimedia approach to art though?

<mez> helen>>yup, i do c it azz a multimediamatic ape.proach, condensed in2 one medium purr,haps [that of writing, langue]...

<Helen_Whitehead> not just playing with words, but more an xperimiental approach to all your art?

* Helen_Whitehead thinks typos while trying to mezangelle make nonsense of the whole thing!

<Sue> ah, helen, so does mezangelling require good typing skills?

* mez agg.reez in itz current 4mulation, but mebbe another style will cum 4m this?

<Helen_Whitehead> yes i believe so

* Loki93c_ thinks it is already emergent

<Sue> say more loki

<Loki93c_> people r coming 2gether networld, fusions/inspiration

* mez kneelz b4 loki and hands them a textbannah, re.plete with golden wurds of mezangellednezz and new blank wurd spacez....

* Loki93c_ blushes

* reiner thinks does mez look like an mez_angEle

* Sue loves these people

<mIEKAL> MEZ, did you ever read ee cummings when you were young?

<mIEKAL> or bill bissett from canada?

* mez getzz n m-mage of her.s[h]elf fragmented, nodic in thread based seg.ments, hair N eyes and nose mixed in2 a cybercubist ren.durr.ing...

<mez> miekal>>nope, onlee came across eecummings in the text 3 yrs agao...still ahven't read much, but keep gettin told i shood...

<mIEKAL> yr relanguaging of language reminds me of a cross of those two.

<mez> helen>>funnilee enuff, thizz piece wazn't written x-clusive.lee for frame, but came from the urge 2 n-tee-grate an old[h]er text snippette with flash capabilitiez...

* reiner wannanot be clOned even as an angle

* Loki93c_ sends in the KloneS

<Alan_Sondheim> Mez, also check out Hannah Weiner - Jack Kimball has written on her (she's dead now) - there are other similarities -

<mez> m>.sorri haven't heard of bill biss, u got some ewe rr ellez?

* reiner KloneS against cloWnEs

<Helen_Whitehead> mez, yr peace in frAme was called Angellzz.... cn U tell US about[in] that?

<Helen_Whitehead> Angelz had a science angle, as has other of yr owrk: is this n OBsession 4U?

<mez> mi the.ma[nic]tic obsess.eye.ON with science az a[h] sphere of info that kneedz 2 b constantlee qz.ioned comez thru in thizz piece, but with a much softah n-flection than i wood normally take...

<Rachael__Field> :>) (<:

<mez> ...i think the symbolic nature of azz-ociating cheribbes N love symbolicks with-N a completely different conceptual frame[4]wurk made Christy verve 2wards itz n-clusion...

*** Elizabeth_James has joined #trace

* mez hurdz reiner n loki 2gether, grabs some pinpricked blood from each n cree.atez a reinahlok!![reiner/loki clownklone]

<Sue> hi e

<Helen_Whitehead> U ewes many technoloGEEs in yr wurk: do u think we haff to Xperiment with technology as well as 4m?

<reiner> hi E.

*** Beth_Garrison has joined #trace

<Sue> helen i like that question

<Alan_Sondheim> Hi Beth

<Loki93c_> see aboVe.....:-))

<mez> knott ness.E.celery helen, i think if x-perimentation with technotoolz is yr thang, go 4 it, and wood n-courage it, but x-perimentation can take mai 4ms, many differ.inge shapez and contoosians...

<Rachael__Field> :>)

* mez has a r-l sistah ca[u]lled elixabeth, but she getz called libbie:)

<Beth_Garrison> :o) hello all, and now i will 'listen"

* reiner --- thinks about whether mez is thinking mezangelled

<Helen_Whitehead> Yr Flash is eggs-cellent mez i'm jellus!

<Margaret_Penfold> Doo-yoo fee al clow ser 2 uthers wen yoo tongue type?

* mez wants beth 2 play azz well as listen, takes her by her textsenze and tickelles her wurdfiltahz...

<elizabeth> eye was curled Libby at infant school & re.fused to answer 2 it...

<Beth_Garrison> beth laughs, hats off to Mez..

* Loki93c_ recalls loosing shadow at school of black arts.....lol

<mez> reiner>>hmmMMMM...dunno how my brain flazhes and poppz, but i think i do the mezangelled mixing in a moment b-tween thought N feeling, not all.2gether con.c-ous.lee

* elizabeth wonders what tongue typing is!

<mIEKAL> I missed something about "actions" when I first came in.

<Alan_Sondheim> in a very weird way it reminds me of speed thinking, amphetmines, like Ted Berrigan's The Sonnets

<mez> meikal....to do actions, type "/me" followed bi the action [wiffout the quote markz]:)

<reiner> feeling mezangelled - confuses me i think

* mIEKAL catapults linguistic caterwaul

* Alan_Sondheim is followed by the action and can't get rid of it... *sob*

<mez> marg>>anne.swering yr qz about whether mezangelling makes me pheel closer to otherz? mebbe if they get wot i'm say.inge, yesh....

<Margaret_Penfold> tiping the wae 1s tongue goes not by spelling

* Rachael__Field smiles

<Helen_Whitehead> it's not just phone{TV}etick tho'

* mez doezzn't blast away with chemicals but n-joyz the add.drena.line rushez of wurdstuntz....

<Helen_Whitehead> Do you do much collaboration mez?

<Beth_Garrison> mez, have u done any collabs sinz the 1 with talan?

<elizabeth> Thx Marg(erine)et.

<Margaret_Penfold> so it fulfils the function of a closed group language

<mez> helen>>i think co.llab[ore.[r]atory]ing izz the artistic mode ov the future...a wonderfull way 2 wurk...

<Loki93c_> like komix, u do the art, i do the inks

<mez> beth>>have a phew in the works with jim andrews and dan weber...shood be great...

<Rachael__Field> mez who do you collaborate with?

<Beth_Garrison> wahOO! cant wait!

<Helen_Whitehead> ...or letts ju{dge}st see wot gells -- thatz collaboration!

<elizabeth> There's collaboration by dividing function and collaboration bysharing all functions...

<Loki93c_> lol

<Beth_Garrison> seems that every collab differs..

<mez> racheal>> i collaborate with al n sun.dree, thizz is a collab in a senze, mani great ideers flowin round here....

<Sue> mez, here's a standard interview question - what kind of creative stuff did you do as a child?

<mez> sue>>creatiff stuph azz a child/ i moztlee read, played with my petz, was veri quite as a child..ab.sorbed and thort [ mebbe 2 much]..then b-came a blabbermouth...my dad peformz a type of mezangelling, makez up funny wurdz and rimez, mebbe i'm n-flooened bi that 2...

<mez> oopz n-flooenced i mean...

<Sue> mez, thats interesting - was it the kind of 'nonsense' rhyme stuff?

<mIEKAL> did you learn to read by phonics?

<Rachael__Field> cat in the hat

<Beth_Garrison> but Mez' language is very formal..

<Nenagh__Watson> green eggs and ham!!!

<Loki93c_> run

<Beth_Garrison> do, run

<Beth_Garrison> thats run dog run..

<Loki93c_> & run faster son!!!!!!!!!

<mez> sue>>no, more x-tnedin wurds and wurd ppuns...my grandfather did it 2, subbing "sticklip" for "lipstick" etc...

<Helen_Whitehead> mez, you m-N-shunned{abandoned} there are ROOLs for mezangelling. Could you let us N on them?

<Sue> mez, that is almost a kind of dyslexia

<Sue> turning things around, reversals etc

<elizabeth> 'malapropism'?

<mez> miekal>>nope, read normally, but used mi m-maginative po[m].tential more than mozt pozz[um]iblee?

<Margaret_Penfold> No one learnt by that phonic symbol scheme? can't remember the name .Wasn't a success any way

* reiner - mezangles have double/triple meaning

<mez> my rulez for mezangelling>>....seriouslee, my mezangelle practice means to take the written wurd/wurdstringz/sentencez/ and alter it/them in such a way as to x-tend and n-hance meaning B-yond the predicted, the x-pected

* mez hugs reiner and produces stringz of silver polysemics, running them thru her wordfingers and passing them to reiner...

<Loki93c_> i'm all 4 that

*** Miekal_And has quit IRC (Connection Closed #trace)

<Nenagh__Watson> I waz thinkin about dyslexia - it should be viewed as liberation - but people get so inflexable and 'straight' about language - what ever happened to punk!

<mez> nenagh>>4 sure!! punk it up bebbe!;)

<mIEKAL> oops

* Loki93c thinks cyberverse needs a few punks in it 4 local colour

<Nenagh__Watson> I get so depressed for my students - seeing um go through the system!!!

<mez> Itz like makin plain text hypertextual by the arrangement N die-sectin of wurds. 4 x-ample, this very sentence - mi juggling of the use of a noo-merical symbol "4" as the wurd "for" may lead a reader/viewer to have to jump between the usual N the unusual...

<Alan_Sondheim> Mez, but isn't there also a different level of expectation you create - for example "purr" in place of "per" - so that the style becomes heavily depending on puns and associations inherent in the original words?

<mez> alan...de[a]finatelee....

<mez> or purr.hapz mi mixing and slicing of the termz "purr" for the beginning of the word "perhapz" [purr linkz 2 a state of animal contentment, pleasure, and a more acoustic lilt, giving flavour to N otherwise non-performative wurd]. I sup[per]poze its my a-tempt at offering an x-panded de[a]finition of meaningz, of n-couraging otherz 2 make the very unitz of textual communication dance & flip within their traditional funckt.ional para[mount]meterz...

<Alan_Sondheim> But how do you expand beyond those assonances / consonances / puns entirely?

<mez> mezangelleing izz ... itz also political in some senzez, as i can splice mi own opinionated views in2 theze altered texttractz via the layering [e.g.g addin a gender equal message with my additions of [wo] to [wo]man.ifest

<Helen_Whitehead> plenty of cyberpunks already

<Loki93c_> true, but few exist in all 3 worlds

<Loki93c_> neuroVerse, cyberVerse, here & hard

<mez> alan>> its a fluid pro.cess, i link and jump azz i c fitt i zoopose, runn wurdz round n bac and thru again...

<Alan_Sondheim> I see - and what is neuroVerse Loki?

<Loki93c_> the wetware in my head thatfires my inner universe

* mez handz loki a nuromancer gunn and shotz them full of gibsonite bitz;)

<Rachael__Field> mez it is like you are mixing like a dj

<elizabeth> Maches me feel very slow...

<Alan_Sondheim> One thing I noticed - Mez is an incredibly fast typist!

<mez> racheal>>u got it, sampelling and re:mixing as i go...

<elizabeth> Mez you must also be an incredibly fast thinker

<Nenagh__Watson> neuroVerse goes straight into the blood stream -

<mIEKAL> it was great fun collaborating on speed factory with you...except for the time differences.

<mez> mIEKAL>>shore was, luvved that speedfack.tori deal, we shood do it again soma thyme juzt 4 fun...

<Rachael__Field> a fast word mixer

* reiner mes is not simpalling

<Helen_Whitehead> We're vairy keen on journals[diaries.process] at trAce; Eye wunder do U keep a Journal/record of wurk[flow] mez N eff sew - is it N mezangelle {non}language?

<Loki93c_> & in2 fingers tips then 2 pc 2 www to ur brain/bloodstream

<Loki93c_> so my atoms r linked 2 urs

* mez givez loki a vezzel, firez it up within her multiVerse then whistlezz 2 it to go 2 loki's packettepatch...

<mez> . i tri to keep a journal, but find it difficult; i now use my outbox as a diary and great resource, it dubblez as ah journal of sortz. i do, howeva, tri to write constantlee; ....

* mIEKAL waits patiently for software to disapper.

<mez> whether it be sitting on a bus [N later in the librari] scrawlinge out the B-ginnings of Sky Scratches [my collaborative piece with Talan Memmott], 2 form.ewe.latin new wurdz and scribbling them in2 random textfilez D-signed 4 this veri purr.pos[s]e....

* reiner drinks a bit of read vine

<Helen_Whitehead> Can U giff us the U our {H}ell for Sky scratches?

* mIEKAL reads a bit of red wine

<mez> beth>>dunno if eye'm a quik thinker, mebbe i d-[N-]veloped it bi use of chat channellez where u havta type quik or u looze the thread??

* Alan_Sondheim whines

<Nenagh__Watson> Mez do u reuse words - boot.iful is great -

<mez> nenagh>>yuppe i re;ooze wurdz all the time..

<Sue> mez have you done much MOOing? your text could be made real in a MOO

* Margaret_Penfold wines a bit of read

<Rachael__Field> is it important for ppl to have their hands on a keyboard to feel connected

<mez> sky scratches url:http://www.temporalimage.com/beehive/content_apps25/skyscratchez.html

* Sue rines a bit of weed

* Karen weds a red bit

<Helen_Whitehead> or th'r feet....

* elizabeth kneads a bit of redefine

* mez runez a bit of rhetoric[k];)

* reiner s glass is empty - now

<mez> sue>> N regardz to mooing, i used to purrform wot i take now as MOOIng on normal irc channellez, so i guezz i have done MOOIng juzt knott in the x-pected sense[ologee]....

<elizabeth> run reiner run

<elizabeth> sorry!

<Margaret_Penfold> An interesting evening and thank you Mez. I am sorry I have to go now

<mIEKAL> my irc client is asking for $20 every 30 secs...

<mez> mIEKAL>>>WOT???? that's ridiculous!!

<elizabeth> don't give 'em a penny miekal!

<mez> bye marg, thanx;)

<Sue> mez, i would love to see what you could build in a MOO

<Sue> bye margaret

<Helen_Whitehead> wood U N-courage writers moving{xperimenting} in thiss new medium to learn by trial'N'error or get train{learn}ing or use specifiCK program{me}es?

<Alan_Sondheim> bye...

<Helen_Whitehead> bye marg c u soon

<Alan_Sondheim> Helen, the UN definitely courages writers...

<Loki93c_> bye Margaret

<mez> sue>>me 2, when i have the thyme i'll givit a go[ah!]:)

* reiner says good bye

*** Margaret_Penfold has quit IRC (Connection reset by peer #trace)

<Helen_Whitehead> bye reiner thanx 4 cumin!

<Alan_Sondheim> There may be riots here, gotta go for a bit - Alan

<mez> hmm....itz strange, coz i'm largelee self taught in this field, i suppose i'd n-courage new writers 2 be lezz concerned with the capturing the format of their creative vision as ah rigid goal, rather to go with the [w]ebb n flow of wot they find in their ownne net.wurk x-perience and facktor that inn...

*** Alan_Sondheim has quit IRC (QUIT: #trace)

* Loki93c_ agrees

* mez tanx reiner and goodbizz him

<Helen_Whitehead> Shall we mesh N gel loosely now?

<mez> i'd n-courage ppl 2 juzt play for a bit, whether it B via email, or photoshop, or dreamweaver, or icq, or none of these, whether itz in yr own grey matta, don't b too d[r]efined earli on.....

*** reiner has left #trace

<mez> helen>>mebbe let ppl action each other, if they'd like....

* Helen_Whitehead claps mez

* elizabeth hear hears

* Karen applauds

* mez grabs helen's klappz and holds em tight, treasurin...

<Nenagh__Watson> mez ave u any published stuff eye could read???

<Sue> thanks mez - fascinating!

* mez brethez in karen's klappz 2, melding and shaping and moldin...

* Helen_Whitehead grins, ear 2 {h}ear

<mez> sue>>wanna play 4 a bit? jump in2 the ack.shion narrative...

<Sue> mez, i am braindead tonight :(

<Helen_Whitehead> ack-shuns spik Louder thN wurds...

<Sue> a voyeur only this evening

<mez> nenagh>>yuppe look at my online resume, lotza linkz from there: http://wollongong.starway.net.au/~mezandwalt/resume2.htm

<Beth_Garrison> the action narrative...yeah!

<Helen_Whitehead> Y braindead Soo?

* mIEKAL disembowels me computer

<Nenagh__Watson> Sue worx 2 ard

<mez> sue>>k, sure:)

<Sue> miekal what are you doing to your machine?

* Helen_Whitehead has several mez-recommended sites to add 2 the Log when it goes on the webpage

<Beth_Garrison> gutting it...?

* mIEKAL narrates a universe without software dysfunction

* elizabeth wishes for miekal a lovely sensation of fresh air through the computer's middle

* mez pics and pokes at the putergutz, lookin for a cybersoul...arggh....onlee metal bytez and bites [ouch!!]:)

* mIEKAL a simpler kinder provocation

<Helen_Whitehead> at least Miekalz still{but not quiet} hear

<Karen> I'd better go I'm afraid - get on with some work. Thanks Mez.

<Helen_Whitehead> bye karen c u again

* mez watchez beth's wish turn 2 a list turn 2 a link....

* Karen waves

* Loki93c_ still enjoying playing on the net, childlike wonder of it all

<Sue> bye karen'

<mez> cya karen, thanx:)

*** Karen has left #trace

<Sue> loki - yes i love the childlike wonder of it

<Helen_Whitehead> Better announz next wk...

<Helen_Whitehead> Alan Sondheim by bye party!

<Beth_Garrison> mez is reading my mind..bless u.

<Loki93c_> its vast, i love the possibities on offer

<Helen_Whitehead> If he survives the riots..... we can come and say nice things to hi about his six months

* mez starts wrapping it up, grabbin the wirds, the snippettes azz they tri 2 esc-ape into the tracetextualnezz....

<mez> beth>>:)

<Sue> in a sense mez'a languagae can maybe only be understood by the wired

<Beth_Garrison> :o)<my clown face, Mez

<Sue> do you think thats true?

* elizabeth holds her finger on the bow for mez

<mez> hey, juzt wanna thanx u all sew much for participatin...was great fun. if any1 wants to collab, write me[z]!

<Sue> do you think thats true?

<Helen_Whitehead> mmmm intrESSting ideya

<Sue> oops

*** PbN has joined #trace

<Sue> thanks for coming mez - and i hope to see you soon!

<Beth_Garrison> oh, sue i have to diagree, have you read bill bissett?

<Sue> beth,no i hadnt heard of him until tonight

<mez> ooh hey PbH! we where juzt about to call it a wrappe!

<mIEKAL> beth, I mentioned bill bissett a half hour ago.

<Sue> but i am thinking of the flavour of her references

<Beth_Garrison> oh, Mez, thank you so much for doing this !

<Rachael__Field> :>) :>) :>) thangst mez

<PbN> Hi Mez... all...

<Nenagh__Watson> Mez thanxxxxxxx a lot - look forward 2 flesh up @ inq -bation - byhi all - must exit

<mIEKAL> ted yr here just in time to mop up

<mez> sue>mebbe yeah, B-inge wired allowz 4 the conventionz of mezangelled-nezz 2 b easier uberstood i guezz?

* Loki93c_ has found it v.interesting

<Helen_Whitehead> mez I MUSST collaborate sometime - all thiss is wyrd 4 a born{strict} editor!

<Beth_Garrison> bill has created his own universe with his language..also has

<Sue> bye nenagh and rachael

<Beth_Garrison> a site on the web, hes not wired tho.

<Sue> see you sson

<Helen_Whitehead> do you have a URL beth?

<Sue> ok beth i will look him up, thanx

<PbN> yeb, sorry... real life...

<mIEKAL> bissett also ran a press call blewointment press which published a lot of canadian experimental work

<Sue> pbn real life? what kind of excuse is that?

* mez remindz loki of there wurdsmithian n-tention and blows kiltakizzes;)

<Sue> i have to go too - sleep!! - but thanks a lot mez

<R_Adams> thanks mez (following this chat and browsing your various pages at the same time) what fun!!!


<Helen_Whitehead> Any last questions?

<mez> heya jim[bo!]

<Jim_Andrews> yo

<Jim_Andrews> How did it go?

<Beth_Garrison> its a bo and a yo...

<Helen_Whitehead> the log may be difficult to read!

<Jim_Andrews> It always is!

<mez> ehehe yup shore will hell-N:)

<mez> jim>.went well!!

<Helen_Whitehead> not mex but the rest of us attempting to go wit't'flow

<Beth_Garrison> yes, it will be, ask jim about that..

<Jim_Andrews> What were the highlights for you, Mez?

<mez> sorry u mi[e]zzed it jim, but the log will b n-turr-taining;)

<Jim_Andrews> Cool.

<mez> jim>>the play...we did some action narratiff play, ooh i luv that...

<Beth_Garrison> but there is a certain freedom and flash association to it..

<Jim_Andrews> Action narrative play?

<Beth_Garrison> yes..it rocks..!

<Beth_Garrison> but you have to know the function(i dont)

<Jim_Andrews> So everyone participates in writing a narrative during the chat?

* Helen_Whitehead thinks we should try it again without any interview

<Jim_Andrews> There were these seven people in a little boat adrift in the ocean and sometimes a big wave would come along and someone would fall out.

<Beth_Garrison> c u . Mez. and thanks.

<mez> http://wollongong.starway.net.au/~mezandwalt

<Helen_Whitehead> thanx

* mez floats in2 a smooth shine ball of wurdz, spinning slowlee then frant.tick-tocklee, then bam! gone;)

<Beth_Garrison> :o)

*** mez has left #trace

Session Close: Sun Feb 27 22:20:20 2000

We hope you enjoyed this conversation and would like to join in.
trAce is live online every Sunday, and you are warmly invited to come along to the next meeting.

More from mez

Q. Are there any websites you particularly recommend for artistic merit/interest?

A. oh yeah, heaps, but here's a condensed lizt:

1._o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o.org: amazing tapestried colour fieldz done with text/lettahz at itz base, juzt stunning...

2._http://sysx.org/gashgirl/ 1 ov the meme.burr[!]s of VNS Matrix as solo gashgirl, some great femmeish-angst-hypertextz here.

3._trAce_ have 2 n-clude it, purely becoz it pervades all thoze netwurked l-ements i think an online community shood have, with some amazing collaborative f-fortz etc etc [i'll shuddup now;)]

4._re-lab.net_ some luverly sound stuff happening here, with a great ahcoustic mailing list [xchange] coming from this.....

Q. What advice would you give to a writer just starting to explore and experiment with the Web as tool and medium?

A. hmm....itz strange, coz i'm largelee self taught in this field, i suppose i'd n-courage new writers 2 be lezz concerned with the capturing the format of their creative vision as ah rigid goal, rather to go with the [w]ebb n flow of wot they find in their ownne net.wurk x-perience and facktor that in, juzt play for a bit, whether it B via email, or photoshop, or dreamweaver, or icq, or none of these, whether itz in yr own grey matta, don't b too d[r]efined earli on.....

Q. Do you think there is a living, or any money at all, to be made for creative writers on the Web? Do you have any recommendations for anyone trying to work in this field?

A. i haven't done 2 badlee outta my netwurked art so far, but bi no means can survive in an every-living-cost senze fromme it; it izz ah genre that is 'hot' @ the moment, n as the net becomez more an ackcepted medium & cultural node it will hopefulli all.ow[!] for this e-ventualli. i think it still is x-ceedingly difficult to get financial rewards x-clusively for art projects that aren't funding according to the hierarchical arts network, however. depending on yr n-tegritty outlook, itz possible to use yr multimediatic talents to create corporate products with a more mainstream focus [ such as advertsising etc]...i don't do this, and hopefullli won't [yeah i know i'm purrpetuating the starving artist stereotype but sorry, that'z how it is;)], but mani cood juzt to be able to pay the rent, the lectricity bill, etc etc...my add.vice would B 2 trawl and netwurk & search N make yr own connections, x-periencez, opp.ore.tunities....

We hope you enjoyed this conversation and would like to join in.
trAce is live online every Sunday, and you are warmly invited to come along to the next meeting.

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