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Jerimee Richir
Sean Burn
Leonie Winson
kinks hamilton
  Brian Walsh 
Everdeen Tree
Kaz Madigan
Jordan Clary
Jacqui Adams  
Andrew McNeil
Carl Stiansen
C. D. Finley
Diane Caney
  Sue Thomas jewelmoon
Adeola Agbebiyi
Lynn Perry
  Margaret Raptis Jora Applegate Tal
Jan Whalen

the poetaster

Helen Whitehead
Alan Sondheim
  Mary Jo Walters Alina Stefan
Lennie St Luce
Salford START
David Clayton
Jason Sweeney Maev
Eva Bednarowicz
komninos zervos
Owen Gregory
Kevin James Miller
Jeremy Oxley
Kenny Klein
Chris Jones
Jane Holiday
Kit Reed

t h e  l o n g e s t  
d a y
the shortest day

  Margaret Penfold   John Swamy allanw3  
Jane Wilkin  
Rodica Stefan
Bettina Richter
  Julia Wilcke
Sophie Alexis Young
  Di Ball Viriya Swangchot Helen Cooper
Max Phillips
John Siddique    
Cate Furey
Rus Bowden
James Healy
Lawrence Upton
Annie Milner
tamara szaniawska
Kim Rooney  
Len Baynes
  Judy Clem
James Halvin
Maura Bedloe
  Jane Becker  
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