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CyberWriting, later to become the trAce Online Writing Community, was a research project founded by Sue Thomas in May 1995 to explore writing on the internet and based at Nottingham Trent University, England. trAce's first-ever publication was in paper, a word-processed photocopied booklet, and it was produced by Simon Mills, at that time a student on the MA in Writing at Nottingham Trent University. To collect the information, Simon spent his summer vacation online trawling the net for links. He surfed through hundreds of sites, sorted the best of them into categories, and wrote a short review of each. That October in 1995 he collated his results and photocopied them in booklet format for internal distribution to writing students and faculty. What had begun as a personal quest had grown into a very promising research project, and by May 1996 Simon had taught himself HTML and uploaded the booklet into trAce's first website.